How I Went From Broke and Homeless to 6 Figures

I never would imagine the day that I would say a pyramid scheme saved my life. How did I go from college grad to making $52,000 to drowning in debt and homeless? I would imagine it could happen to anyone but why me? Where did I go wrong? I’ll explain exactly how a MLM company taught me the network marketing secrets which led to my breakthrough discovery of how I could get my way out of debt and create a 6 figure business from my laptop. Maybe you’re in a similar position. You don’t know what you want to do in life and you’ve been listening to the wrong people. In this article, I’m going to tell you exactly how I went from broke and homeless to 6 figures using high income skills!

Surviving Corporate

I just just like any regular college graduate. Ready to take on the world and start my new venture. I was working in construction in a management trainee program. The job was great until I realized I had no freedom. I had to wake up at the wee hours of the morning and some weekends were cut short. I lived a few minutes from the beach and didn’t have time to enjoy it. My life became a predictable cycle. I would get up early every morning just to sit in Florida traffic and then get home right around 6pm. I only had time to take a shower and eat and maybe watch one show before it was time to go back to sleep. I thought to myself “Is this really what my life has become.”

I don’t care what anyone says working a 9-5 is modern day slavery. To make matters worse, I was living paycheck to paycheck so I wasn’t even able to save any more. I was making just enough to pay the bills and get groceries. I had to do something FAST! I decided to quit cold turkey. I knew it was either do or die. I was either going to make an extreme change or sit there and watch my life pass me by. I decided to bet on myself and I’m glad I did because I learned some high income skills as a result.


Network Marketing Saved My Life

When I quit my job, I didn’t have another job lined up or any savings. I had no clue how I was going to pay my bills, but I was focused on what I could control and that was making more income. I called a buddy of mine and asked if I could come stay with him until I figured things out and he agreed to let me sleep in his office. He also said he had a friend that was making 40k a month and he could set up a meeting. I had no clue what a MLM or network marketing was but after meeting this guy I was convinced I could move mountains!

There was just one problem…the sign up fee was all the money I had in my bank account but I decided to just trust the process. He told me that if I followed his system I would one day be making the same amount of money he was making. I wasn’t looking that far ahead I just needed $2000. This was the first time I really had to rely on myself to make money and I was surprised by the results. In 30 days I was making $2500 residually because I had over 40 people sign up for the service.

This is when a light bulb went off in my head. Skills pay the bills. The better the skillset, the more you make. The more demand for your particular skills, the more you make. I learned that people had many problems and pain points and all I had to do was resonate with those pain points. I became obsessed with the process of direct sales, but I knew there had to be a better, more easier way to sell people our services without having to do zoom calls, meetings, etc all day everyday.

Birth of the Sales Funnel

I wrote down the complete system we used to get new distributors. It was the same process for everyone. Reach out, get them on a call/zoom meeting, edify up line, get new distributor, and duplicate the process. I studied for months ways to create this system online. Technology is way too advanced to use old network marketing techniques, so I did more research and stumbled upon a sales funnel builder called Clickfunnels. This software allowed me to send my leads to a simple landing page that would “warm them up” with a quick video. After the video there would only be a button that takes them to the next step in the funnel. I would the sales funnel very controlled. In fact, the prospects weren’t able to go to the next step without entering their email address and name.

This would allow me to send follow emails and text while also building a massive list. I also didn’t have to spend time following up because my email software did it all for me. So now I didn’t have to do the same sales presentation over and over again and I was building a list of interested leads. The next step of my funnel was the sales page. This was a 30 min webinar of me explaining the opportunity and how it could help the prospect reach their financial goal. If that didn’t get the job done, they could click the link and schedule a call with me. This simple 3 step system made me 6 figures.

I was now able to duplicate and upsell while even promoting multiple offers. I now had the competitive advantage over all the other MLM companies and network marketers. I ultimately decided to walk away from network marketing to get into different ventures such as real estate and affiliate marketing, but I continued to hone my sales funnel skills. I realized EVERY success business has a funnel. Netflix, Apple, Youtube, etc. The goal is to get people in your funnel and this entire website is dedicated to teaching you how to increase wealth leveraging the internet and funnels.

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